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Why choose us for “Linen Bag”?

Traditional plastic bags are the main source of "white pollution". They cannot be recycled and reused after use. Subsequent incineration will pollute the air, and burial will pollute soil and water sources. They are not in line with the ecological concept of green environmental protection.

The use of environmentally friendly shopping bags can not only significantly reduce plastic pollution, but its multiple recycling characteristics can reduce the cost of use. It also has four major advantages: first, it is green and environmentally friendly, reducing white pollution; second, it has excellent performance, increased load-bearing capacity and use The service life is extended; the third is recycling, it is soft and wear-resistant, easy to fold and can be used multiple times; the fourth is exquisite printing, versatile functions, and suitable for various daily scenes.

Indoorcreative is committed to conveying the concept of environmental protection. Using environmentally friendly shopping bags is conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment. It starts with small environmentally friendly shopping bags.

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